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UniOffice@Etersoft - the translator of MS Office COM-objects to OpenOffice one

UniOffice@Etersoft allows to use OpenOffice.org instead of MS Office, to carry out translation of COM-requests to MS Office in calls to OpenOffice.org.

At present, some COM-interfaces of Microsoft Excel are realized. (see full list of functions).


  • it is delivered with setup program and does not demand installation of additional libraries;
  • has passed check on compatibility with such program as "1С:Предприятие 7.7" (A popular russian accounting system) and "Налогоплательщик ЮЛ";
  • extends under LGPL license.



It is planned to add UniOffice@Etersoft to WINE@Etersoft, that will allows to use OpenOffice.org in host system for program running under wine.

Also it is planned to realize some COM-interfaces Microsoft Word.

Please e-mail us with any questions or inquiries: support@etersoft.ru