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Dreams about new generation Bash syntax

  1. Backward compatible with bash code (like C++ compilers supports C)
  2. Use static analizer like shellcheck by default
  3. Use shellcheck extension for VS Code
  4. Use shell formatter shfmt (
  5. Use transpiler
  6. Modules support

Исследование, что имеется: Shell/Reload.


  • indentbased, memorizable, coffeescript-inspired syntax
  • removes semantic noise like { ! @ || ~=
  • safetynets: automatic quoting, halt on error or missing dependency (require_cmd)
  • comfort: json, easy arrays, easy async, functional programming, named variables instead of positionals
  • Modules / bundling

Use vars without quotes

Drop any qoute hell: make qoute arg optionally.

if [ $1 = "Hello" ]

always correct, ever when $1 is empty

Function arguments

[function] funcname(arg1, arg2) {
    echo "First arg: $arg1, Secord arg: $arg2"

funcname "Hello" "second!"

Global and local variables

All vars are local by default.

use global [readonly] varname for define global var;

Function return value

funcname(arg1) {
    return "text: $arg1"

$str = $(funcname Hello)

funcname(arg1) {
    [ "$arg1" = "Hello" ]

funcname Hello || echo Bye


Use usual

if ($a > $b)
if ($a == $b)