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Algorithm for etercifs update with the recent Linux kernel version

1. Download the recent changes from the mainline kernel branch ( into cifs-2.6 git repository.

2. Update branches with patches (etersoft-common, etersoft-share-flags and etesoft-wine) from cifs-2.6 git repository with "git merge vX.X". In a case of conflicts, resolve them and commit the result. Make sure that the module is compiled without errors from every branch with patches.

3. Create a new vX.x-etercifs branch and merge branches with patches into it.

4. Create a new source/X.x/ directory in etercifs git repository and copy new kernel module sources there.

5. Add rules to .gear/rules in the same way like current entries. A module version is taken from cifsfs.h file of sources.

6. Update AUTHORS, TODO, CHANGES files in etercifs/ directory from cifs-2.6/Documentation/filesystems/cifs/.

7. Add the information about the new kernel to etercifs.spec in the same way like current entries.