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9de4fd2 Set large heap for application.
2a29b02 Set service as foreground.
7b88b29 Add navigation on application.
4a7b474 Fix mistake on database code.
e564ce0 Do database content provider for multi thread database access.
b38a83d Update timer work. Stop timer on pause activity.
71daad8 Set try catch to disconnect.
3aeb98c Fix database work for concurrence access. Set DatabaseOpenHelper static.
d8aca72 fig bug with compare best providers.
09682a5 add WAL for database.
5526641 Move license and faq files to own directory.
d0e121e More marking to readme.md
ae2efc3 Add marking to readme.md.
1c7635f Fix task on resume on application.
664df0d change all version depensions gradle to bin only
87d6137 Add back pressed wraper to main screen and login screens.
65a365c Set paint no picture on all Out of memory exception during image preparing.
1f5f073 Delete write log to testflight
61deb9e Delete text license from resources.
0896fe8 Set own database open/close count.
63c8abb Add null constructor on StartCheckFragment
c2c96fd Add acquireReference when create database.
9b595ec fix posible out of memory on paint picture from file.
b9b8ce1 Set last update time only on good data.
0ee761f Login do not try request version
11e6861 Find dots on sthepby step help.
7f66842 Set clear timer on error.
a49e7b6 Right way on register and wrong login.
4824096 fix bug with already first group.
3fa9b76 Fix mistake on set main screen.
b3e2f79 Set max char
48f2876 Paint first group on map on start.
661ea13 Paint geozone on main map.
b5e09cc Add update list messages on messages screen.
487fb67 Add clear access token on logout.
8f390be Add help button on settings screen.
55d0c1c Activate button on login screen.
49e3a7f Fix bug with open message form from main screen.
36eb7ef Add start screen with check.
49be1c0 Add autologin on start application.
31afd9c Add connect to service before check time settings.
c2398f8 Move top group list on main screen.
93ff49e Add ANDROID_ID if device_id is null.
b2b4753 Set single line on name group and name geozone.
76f17a6 Add build manual.
d02b29d fix not need clear cursor.
65ea14d Add read faq from api.
2d53826 Add own list implimentaion content.
de259fc Fix string for geo status;
c304eb0 Add base activity object for request main data
8b82d90 Add base class for data wait model.
6307469 Add show license from api.
80cec68 Add start parameter for range on user move history.
8d83606 Drop unused button on group list.
b5f4f2f set height button message on menu on full menu.
2d4f6e0 Add mark read messages. Show it on list messages. Add date and time of messages.
25c8639 Add count good and bad geo was sent to geo status activity.
b2de001 set more orderliness on bind to service.
80830cf Add save server.
dc18c9a Add geo user-debug information on screen.
0200a8a Add setting for api server.
b85d993 Add log (to file and to TestFlight). Change place start service on login action (instead main screen start)
e7c7edc Add forcibly timer event on login service.
4f610c4 Add check on status async task on list messages.
8827f84 Add relogin on start service if login is failed.
e311f90 Add application on autostart.
48d7a63 Set autologin service after restart if need. Change at save data on key-value application.
b9723ba set more progressive timer to get coordinates.
947906a use bin package distribution for gradle.
a8e9ad1 fix string
03ec1c5 fix scale map bug on repeated login.
af56acc Fix message activity. Fill only on start activity instead on resume.
ee3411b Special fix for jelastic and old nginx
89776b1 More unify user message.
9a33e29 Fix picture. square pict on center rectangle
cac5629 Add delete message func. Set fill number of message at mometn resume.
676d05a Fix fill on edit geozone.
95ac112 fix mistake at string.
1149af3 Fix bug with duplicate self user on map
c07277e Check data if null data name and id received.
8abc183 Add exit from sos form if user is not confirmed.
39f299d Fix bug for click Enter button after autologin.
cb7ee17 Add confirm on del geozone and sos send
dfecc57 add init currentNumber on help;
18fd008 add catch to print trace.
641d2ef Fix bug with definition device uuid.
c1b294c Add trace on error on messages.
da25d83 Set trace on all way running program.
62f8f3e Set current groupid and userid only with set id.
72e85ee Fix squared picture on landscape mode.
8e2b3c8 Add self user if not click on group. Add save current group in sleep.
d892f9f Set place to current position on open map for geoedit
1a1567b add new try
cee46a9 add catch error in query from database.
35b4240 Add check on messages is activity finished.
81bfe89 Add show what device is master.
58e3193 add clear login data after autologin
0093143 best check.
72a249b Add check location manager on find best provider.
f3b9baa Set autologin after register.
f29683b Patient picture catch.
fe2f284 Add special addidition class for message.
3e78325 Add scaled pictures before decode file to bitmap.
d8b50c3 Delete all iml files (project files for Android Studio). Can geterated by gradle.
53cbab4 Add catch to master device. Add trace on it error.
1227d65 fix layouts (login and login email)
e5cfef3 Set minimum map zoom
6dea27f Fix bug with date on message.
7dfe7d5 Try to fix and catch trouble with OutOfMemoryError on picture processing.
54ba6ce fix bug with receive messages before start activity
219aabe Fix bug with not see edit/del menu on group.
0c7c59c add some fixme about ugly string
76c83db Fix bug with double icon with subject at message.
05e29ed Fix bug with not resume login and password.
2dd3dce Set save login and password.
43d2bc7 repaint layout login and register
01b3850 fix layout for bottom height.
b016045 Save state step by step help dots.
536d8d0 Fix bug with back button on sos message.
e357e32 Fix bug with double scaled on map.
e4d97d7 Change picture and strings (advice Anna from google docs)
cff7660 Fix some bug with null pointer exception.
c879af6 Add faq
e48651a fix step by step help with number screen dots on do not drop with screen.
856c9cb Add step by step helper
09ed27f fix strings.
db28a82 Some design
9f0875d Set User activity request data.
6e6cda3 Some design
e7a2f29 Set main map on users.
4852050 fix icons.
02bc2ed Add helper methods
21eb6a6 add picture to user and geozone (show on activity)
240fdb2 Add strings.
7c6855e Change picture worker to send and receive square picture.
17d66da Add sos send and receive
91bcb2f add bat and apk to git ignore
91f9cce Comment two pane code.
ba74ac3 Show message on 0 group.
6b93ae0 Fix activity set to return button.
892463f Add picture on geozone.
f8825ee Fix latout on number message.
868914c Fix place on fragment radius.
d07ace0 Set message on 0 group.
470306e Fix bug with not saved instance and not exist constructor with null parameter.
abe5074 add test flight
a0d1920 fix bug with double event.
091867b draw bitmap on main UI
62acf4a Fix bug create group without picture.
b855f41 Set picture for geozone and group.
6566a1a Add track history for user.
744ce33 Set picture to map.
ec7ac5b Paint picture if exist and special no_picture if not.
a68da6d Fix geozone (do not write if not exist)
7860736 Add picture to user (me).
5be8fa3 Add blank user move history.
19f3ea2 Add picture worker.
a124c39 change request trace
1486146 Add edit user and edit password
ac1da67 Fix get devices.
a067e04 Fix bug with del/edit group button.
c308c73 Set new scheme of json request. (return array object of user group etc)
21f0804 Auto change project iml. Update android studio.
7983523 Add service for send geodata. Change geodata scheme.
4758742 Update gradle.
53f94eb Fix main screen for visible +-
05e1440 Add user group and geozone at message.
150d7d1 Add strind request.
c1b8c37 Del menu from activity.
6158b11 fix sort on database.
84b0d41 Fix paint marker at map.
e21819a Set question on del user and group.
23f3b1e Fix group confirm request.
4c88330 Fix date and date helper.
425c949 Fix menu exclude settings
53fb404 Fix bug with small map on view.
15ce31b Fiz bug with send AlertDialog from DoAtBackground
572dcaf Set timers to use show elem.
de89698 Add timer for now where need to update.
73a550f Set user id to database. Add show error to users add to group by email.
9a024b7 Add timer and config with times.
411ab65 Add all fix buh from second stage branch.
c123c0d fix mistake and finalize alerts
a1bd3eb Add message processing.
48ea227 Add messages json. With get from main pages.
19ca60a Add real message count. Add visible button. Add ignore error duplicate.
ff36236 Do work with db. Create messages activity.
7c1282b Create messages icon with number. Replace logon button to settings. Drop logon activity.
0db6d0c Fix multiply view of geozone member list.
c1fdb33 add string foe new toggle
f293abd Replace two switch to one.
060c7cc Spaces.
c75d4a9 fix mapHelper for null statement. Fix validation on device. Fix device activity (duplicate devices).
37922ef fix string mistake
16dc517 set only portrait screen mode
f26a72f Add real id to create geozone. Do replace geozone.
29aa707 Set access for create/update/geozone for another group.
4ba12c5 Disactive swith on show geozone.
6bd9614 Comment expires before fix api.
d3921e3 Add del from list modify.
60ee43b Fix bug with null coodinate on map. Fix bug with del list usert on renew. Add fake id for geozone.
7257a01 Fix bug with multiply menu open. Fix bug with more then one add lisener.
b4736fa Add list devices. Add del users.  Fix bug with multiply user staus (in/out)
2d488e5 Fix bug with radius on paint map. Fix bug with geozone memers (name of id).  Add del geozone. Add del group. Fix bug with multiply geozone member. Set fine return from edit group forms.
de97788 Add Settings screen. Add Set Device master.
e108c15 Modify geozone navigation. Add checkversion functionality. Add show device object.
e9b9995 Add view geozone activity. Modify map hepler. Modify Edit geozone.
2607d81 Add added geozone. Fix exception with null constructor. Add trimmed geozone object.
43cbd59 Add add Group functionality.
db1dfde Fix add user to group. Fix return, fix string.
3898b1c Add group edit json. Fix Group edit adnf group activities.
12c34db Fix paint users and places.
f33149a Fix bug with duplicate group members and geoones.
fc6ffb1 Add fragment content for group. Replace on main screen.
6c7613e Edit creator json.  Edit created json. Add Fragments for group and geozone.  Replace at group detail. Add picture for add content.
d3920e1 Add fragment for list user (may be extends for Group list or Geozone list). Paste it on EditGroup.
a321ccd Auto update iml after update Android Studio at 0.3.6
ffea8fc Add check if id data queried multiply one.
93e0f94 Fix another place all add listener. Fix mistakes getCurrentUser on user listener.
59064f0 Add edit group. Add showUser to user activity.
4dd60c8 fix some mistakes.
ae1af61 Change all export on current classec (android.app instead android support.v4.app). Change android version. Add edit(added geozone).  Add constructor withou param at JSONBase.
0aea40e Add fixme for addlistener.
552a2c9 Add Show group. Add group trimmed.
52e629d Set access for fields (i do not know, why it work before and broken)
1b46f78 Move mapper objects to own folder.
74e7372 Add map to multiply object. Add ContainId annotation. Drop object parameter from json annotation.
68f11f1 Add save from data to json.
4efd442 Edit new geozone. Add mapping for json objects. Change id and name on jsons' poles.
558694d Add geozone group. Add mapHelper.
b91c9ed Refactoring json request. Add login test user.
1804a69 Add setting to gradle for build corporate version.
5e7331f Add icons to use.
fe1b770 Add icons
6416295 spaces
475813e Add real data login and register. Add picture for label map. Change scheme get String from request. Change request for send data.
9cadcb4 Add worked activity add user to group. Add map manipulation.
279d27a fix mistake at json
46180c6 Fix location helper for beauty address.
69739ef Add permissions for Helper manifest
59f1302 Add new method for requestWorker (for assync read big data)
faef4ff Add user to group. Add user list. Add logon. Add user card. Add map. Add marker on map.
ea69009 Add json returned object. Add view groups. Add helpers (start test, name phone etc). Add geolocation.
788f989 Add worked login and main screen.
2ef1374 Add main screen activity. Add Base class activity for error.
38764ce Add login func
6045088 fix listeners
78ac274 Add many listener. Add Code errors. Add new object-thread for any click.
24402c9 Start project