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Bash Infinity

Bash Infinity is a modern boilerplate / framework / standard library for bash

Sherlock is transpiler that translate python to shell script language.


BaCon - BASIC to C converter.

BaCon can be described as a translator, a converter, a source-to-source compiler, a transcompiler or a transpiler. It also can be described as a very elaborate preprocessor to C. BaCon is implemented in generic shell script and in itself.


SHC — BASH to C converter.


Bash2py is a Bash to Python script translator, implemented by modifying the bash 4.3.30 open-source C code, so that instead of executing bash commands,the modified tool simply emits (to the extent currently possible) the commands seen as equivalent Python statements.


A language that compiles to Bash and Windows Batch.

Batsh is implemented in OCaml and managed by OPAM.


Portable (Windows/Linux/OS X) Unix shell commands for Node.js .

var shell = require('shelljs');

if (!shell.which('git')) {
  shell.echo('Sorry, this script requires git');


Automagically transpile your Bash scripts to ShellJS.

EasyCC C++

EasyCC C++ (Easy Compiler Compiler written in C++) is a library allowing users to easily develop their own programming language. The project does not require wrting any line of code for the lexical and syntax analysis phases. The configurations of the latters are provided as JSON files to the library. Adding the logic for a programming language is done by simply registering semantic action handlers in order to gradually build the structure of the input and eventually generating output code.


BashClass is an Object Oriented Programming language that compiles to BASH 4.4

C++ shell


syntactical sugar for sh/bash (transpiler written in bash): painless shellscript, indentbased, coffeescriptlike for the shell, hipstershellscript.

Powscript can produce 'kindof' POSIX /bin/sh-compatible output by removing bashisms

This however, is experimental, as well as the standalone bash2sh converter:

$ cat foo.bash | powscript --tosh  >


an npm-like, highlevel dependency manager, buildtool and installer using bash+git


Bish is a language that compiles to Bash. It's designed to give shell scripting a more comfortable and modern feel.


Фреймворк для написания тестов для программ на bash. ->