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SELTA@Etersoft - SQL-query translator

Nowdays a lot of applications are developing by using such toolkits that it causes unwanted , yet unavoidable sticking to additional commertial software, for example, MS SQL Server. This one is not so cheap to be taken no notice. Therefore, we are trying to tackle this unfair situation, providing choice at least.

New version

permits programs utilizing the commercial DBMS MS SQL to be run with PostgreSQL instead. It translates queries from the T-SQL dialect (used in MS SQL) to pl/pgSQL.


SELTA@Etersoft enables programs storing the data in the commercial DBMS MS SQL to work with the free PostgreSQL.

It translates SQL-queries from the dialect T-SQL (used in the database MS SQL Server) to pl/pqSQL (database PostgreSQL).

SELTA@Etersoft works in Windows and in Linux as well.

Development partnership

Though SELTA@Etersoft is universal it needs improvement to support concrete application. At the moment our translator is oriented to the popular russian accounting system «1С:Предприятие 7.7». If your application can store data only in MS SQL and you want it to be compatible with PostrgreSQL we can include it to the support list of SELTA@Etersoft. Your program will get essential competitive advantage on the software market.

If you're interested in the development partnership with Etersoft company, please contact us by E-mail: selta@etersoft.ru

Technical details

Translator is made as PostgreSQL ODBC-driver, that is presented like MS SQL ODBC-driver. It recognizes queries, system tables' calls and adapts them for PostgreSQL. That means that server or client changes are not necessary. ODBC-driver is DLL-library that means we can use it either in GNU/Linux with WINE@Etersoft or in MS Windows. Standard programming means such as flex for lexical analyzer and bison for parsers' generation are used to construct input expressions' analysis code. Translator doesn't considerably decrease queries' execution performance.